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Privacy Policy maintains a great respect for the privacy and security of our users. We recognize that the reason we can remain in business is because of you. Therefore we will do nothing to jeopardize your trust and loyalty. Any contact information that you provide through our system will not be sold/rented/leased to any third party for the purpose of selling or marketing to you.

Job Seekers may have their contact information released to specific employers in the context of the service, which occurs ONLY AT YOUR EXPRESSED DIRECTION. What this essentially means is that your contact information will be released to potential employers on a case-by-case basis determined by you (This is how the service works, us putting you in contact with employers that you would like to be in contact with).  reserves the right to use your contact information to contact you when necessary or to inform you of updates to our products and services.  uses Skipjack to manage our payment processing. Skipjack is a leader in providing encryption and security services. Skipjack encryption supports a minimum key space of 225 to the 2000 power making it one of the highest-level encryption services available to the consumer market for processing credit card transactions. Our site uses  cookies for your convenience and security. They are used to remember who you are in order to serve the correct data to you. They are used to deliver a customized/personalized experience to you.

If at any time we  add or change  items of the privacy statement, those changes will be posted here for your review. If you have questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us. © 2015